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Reviews Week 38 - 2017



Arallu - Six Dice 4

Transcending Obscurity Records, 22.09.17
Israeli Arallu celebrates their 20th anniversary this year. Congratulations.
However, the career is just heading out of the starting pit. Getting up and running in international competition is harder in some countries than in other*.
The band is quickly becoming a new house orchestra after coverage of both their previous album, Geniewar, released in 2015, and featured in a retrospective impression in 2016, and the double DVD Middle Eastern Battlefield, and now also full-length number six, simply titled Six.

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Urarv - Aurum Dice 4

Svart Records, 22.09.17
Madness knows no limits what metallic mental depravity is concerned. Something Urarv (meaning Ur-heritage) is another proof of. The main character behind Urarv is Aldrahn (Thorns, The Deathtrip, Ex-Dødheimsgard, etc.), serving here a schizophrenic mix of folk, black and alternative experimental surrealism.
It all started as a one-man folk-based project during a stay at a mental institution in 2003.
After the first fumbling attempts, however, Aldrahn realized that conventional folk tunes alone wouldn't really do the trick.

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Mascharat - Mascharat Dice 4

Séance Records, 15.09.17
Mascharat has arrived from Milan, Italy, to spread black eeriness. The band plays melodic black metal with a raw and primitive touch and offers a concept on their self-titled debut.
Their conceptual theme has been borrowed from Venice, though.
Before reading the press release, I felt almost certain that the band was French, and I guessed the concept circled around the theme of the plague.
Turns out I was seriously wrong.

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